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Online free lawyer advice: Top 5 resources for small businesses

Top 5 resources to help small businesses get online free lawyer advice

We have come up with a solution – online free lawyer advice- to help you excel in your business for free. As your business grows and you have to manage a bunch of clients as well as employees, the legal necessities of business skyrocket. It is very important to be legally correct to run a business successfully in any country. We have ample paid solutions to help businesses in the best possible way. But, we encountered many businesses, are tight on their budget and hence are not ready to afford paid legal solutions.

Our objective is to help you excel in your business irrespective of your revenue potential. But before helping you get online free lawyer advice let us know in what cases you can rely on free advice and where you need guidance from expert lawyers.

You can rely on free advice if:

  •         You are risking a small amount:

Small businesses tend to ignore legal advice unless they are stuck in heavy legal cases. Make sure you are working under the guidance of a law expert from your initial days. Rely on online free lawyer advice if there is less risk in the case. It takes time to figure out the right professional for free advice so make sure you have time in hand.

  •         A simple dispute between employees:

Online free lawyer advice

You can conveniently rely on online free lawyer advice if there is a small dispute between employees. A lawyer can review your business policy and help you find how to resolve the dispute. You can ask the lawyer to edit the business policy that sets the right expectation within your firm. Many a time just by knowing their perspective you will be able to solve complex problems.

  •         You want a business license:

If your business industry requires a license to set up the business you can seek online free lawyer advice. Some of the business industry that needs a license to set up the business is healthcare, food, construction, etc.

  •         Your business is not being sued:

Rely on online free lawyer advice if your business is not on the verge of being sued. If a lawsuit is against your business, you need immediate help. If your employee or clients have filed small complaints against your business free advice will be of great help.

Seek for paid expert advice if you are stuck in a bad legal case, a complex argument between employee and employer, you are risking business reputation, big money on the table, you are chalking out a business plan or any other difficult legal situation.

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That being said let us know free resources to help you get legal advice.

Resources for small businesses to get online free lawyer advice:

  •         Take help of solicitor:

A solicitor is a legal professional who helps clients outside of the court and then if needed takes the case to the court. Usually, legal students, as well as experts, serve as solicitors to understand the law and build relationships. This is part of their pro bono work. Pro bono work is given to people who cannot afford legal help or their case does not need legal aid.

You can get in touch with solicitors through free websites such as LawWorks, Personal Support Unit (PSU) and so on. Qataris can refer to QICRDC Pro bono service guidelines to reach solicitors.

  • Attend free legal workshops:

Online free lawyer advice

One of the modern ways to get online free lawyer advice is by attending workshops. Lawyers attend workshops from time to time to spread their knowledge and connect with similar professionals. You can attend these workshops and seek solutions to your legal problems.

Different Public associations and law schools organize free legal workshops. Since it is for free the seats get full soon, so register to book your slot beforehand. You can find information about free legal workshops by using social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  •         Free online legal consultation by experts:

Experts offer free advice once or twice to businesses. Small businesses can use the opportunity to address their legal needs and find solutions. These free consultations are also used by small businesses to figure out whether the lawyer is a good fit for their business.

If free online legal consultation seems the best for you, you can talk to experts.

Puvanesvarar consultation: Small businesses get to talk to Puvanesvarar Mailavaganam. He gives one free consultation of 60 mins to small and medium businesses. He helps businesses to integrate compliance into the business, draft contracts and policies, guides about industry in-depth knowledge, offers labour law consultation, legal proofreading services, legal and regulatory compliance consulting, contract reviews and drafting services, business setup consultation, insurance, human rights consultation and more. You can address your needs to him here.

  •         Go for online legal services:

Many online legal services give advice to small businesses for free on structuring business entities, reviewing legal forms and so on. Some of the online legal services you can refer to are:

RocketLawer: You can enter your legal questions in 600 characters on the website. The platform has lawyers with expertise in different sectors hence your all kinds of legal doubts will be easily cleared. You can further try RocketLawyer services for free for 7 days.

1Law: You can get legal advice for free via Chat on this platform. This platform uses AI to answer your questions. Here, you are not directly in touch with lawyers, however, you will get the majority of your questions related to Business law answered. The service is available 24/7.

  •         Take up law courses:

If you have time and want to know the in-depth solutions without any expert’s help you can take free legal courses. Some of the helpful free legal courses are:

Coursera: Some of the free business law courses on this platform are Corporate and Commercial Law 1 on Contracts and Employment Laws, Law 2 on business forms, financing and government regulations by the University of Illinois. Legal tech and Digital transformation law by Universidad Austral.

Alison: Fundamental of business law on this platform is helpful to know about different business structures such as sole proprietorships, Limited Partnerships and so on.


Hey, we have listed the top 5 free resources to help you solve your legal needs. We hope this will help you solve your majority of doubts.  If you are looking for one-on-one free legal consultation, book your slot here now.



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